We affirm that the parent/teen ministry exists to glorify God. The intent of all programs is to see the gospel applied in the lives of teenagers and to cultivate spiritual fruit evidenced in teens who worship God, live in obedience to His Word, and passionately proclaim the gospel.

We affirm that parents have primary responsibility for the biblical training and discipleship of their children through the teen years. Parents play an irreplaceable role in the forming of Christian character in the lives of their teens.

We affirm that pastoral care is an important means of grace to equip parents in effectively disciplining and preparing their teens for life as mature, God-honoring adults. The responsibility of the church is to support and to supplement parents as they direct their children, while providing a teaching voice that offers biblical clarity on family issues.

We affirm that the fundamental purpose of peer relationships is the cultivation and enjoyment of biblical fellowship. This fellowship never replaces the parents, however, but supports and affirms their primary role in influencing their children.

We affirm that wisdom, integrity and purity should characterize all peer relationships, especially those involving the opposite sex. We also believe that God has ordained romance for those prepared for, and in pursuit of, marriage.

We affirm that the teenage years are filled with unique opportunities for parents and the church to inspire and equip the next generation for its role in God's plan. The years need not be characterized by the rebellion or unsupervised independence that is common in our culture. With God's help and grace, the next generation can be raised for his glory!