Church Planting

A commitment to the Gospel is essentially a commitment to church planting. The message of the Gospel creates the church, and it is the mandate of the church to proclaim the Gospel. Because the Gospel creates new life and its advance can't be stopped, the inevitable result will be the planting of more and more local churches until the return of Christ. Our passion is to see churches planted all around Metro Atlanta, the southeast region of the United States, and as far as the Lord will allow. A saying we have adopted at Sovereign Grace is: "How we live today affects how we plant tomorrow."


In our cynical age, many have grown embittered or indifferent toward the church, yet we firmly believe the church is the hope of the world. It is the church against whom the gates of hell will not prevail, and it is the church, the "Bride of Christ", for whom Jesus shed His own blood. We do not believe you can love Jesus and be indifferent toward His bride, so we strive to make His passion for the church our passion as well.