Living in Hope

  • Date: Sunday, March 17, 2019
  • Passage: 1 Peter 1:13–1:21

Since we have been given a living a hope in Christ Jesus, we must live in—and out of—this hope.


  1. We live in hope by setting our minds on Christ’s return.


“In our day the church is wearing her robes too long. Our minds have not been properly elevated. We must raise them and tuck them in. We must make ourselves ready for running. A healthy mind is the means by which we fulfill Peter’s command to be known for decided hope. He calls us to it. Gird up the loins of your mind. Be sober-minded.” — David Helm 

  1. We live in our hope by living holy lives.


“When we live lives that are modeled on God’s holy character, we demonstrate that we have internalized the call to set our hope on our eternal inheritance. Conversely, whenever we find ourselves trapped and enslaved to sin—when all we can do is continue grasping for the pleasures of the world—we reveal to the world, and to God, that we place too little value on the grace that is to be ours with the coming of Christ. By wallowing in the husks of earthly pleasure we are saying, in effect, that we despise the better wheat and rewards of the next world.” — David Helm

“God’s final judgment will glorify his justice; he will pronounce for all the redeemed the satisfaction of Christ’s atoning death and the merit of his perfect obedience. Yet the faithfulness of the Lord’s people will also be displayed, not as a basis of their acceptance, but to show the reality of their faith in the Savior.” — Edmund Clowney